Amarachi Igwe Kalu

Award Winning Development Consultant | Corporate Trainer | Social Impact Strategist

Passionate and clueless?

Are you passionately driven to a cause in society with no idea how to express your passion? Do you sometimes see a need in society that you feel you have a solution to? Do you have brilliant ideas about how to solve a problem in society but just don’t know how to execute them?Do you want to turn your passion to sustainable and positive outcomes in society? Do you want to make a difference and require the right systems and structure to help you do that? Do you want to be more, do more and positively impact your world?
Then you’re in the perfect place
Many times we are quite clear on what we want to do, but one of the most difficult questions to figure out is “How” to execute.

Hi, I'm Amarachi,

I understand you perfectly because I was once like you…

Years back I was passionate and clueless and needed to figure out how to make a difference in society.

Even though I had no strategy and no specific action plan, my passion for impacting lives and making a difference found some expression during my compulsory national youth service year where I carried out a community development project that involved building a primary healthcare centre for a severely underserved community. After my service year, and seeing how successfull and impactful the project was, I was more convinced that I wanted to be more and do more.

I knew that in order to make sustainable impact I would need more than just passion and that led me to discover my framework.

Today, I have gone on to start a thriving non-governmental organization that has enabled me implement high impact interventions, work with highly reputable organizations and save thousands of lives in the area of my passion using that framework.

I now teach passionate changemakers like me this framework that got me from passion to sustainable impact, and It’s been super rewarding and humbling to see them turn their passion into thriving NGOs, implement high impact projects, become more productive and ultimately highly successful Individuals.

Implementing the strategies I teach in my framework has helped me to:

. Design and implement high impact interventions through my NGO
. Save thousands of lives and create sustainable impact in society
. Get recognition and awards from different platforms
. Attract international recognition.

How would you like me to serve you?

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Good Afternoon Ma,

Thanks so much for the time you spent with us, we are extremely grateful for the thought shared, questions answered etc

The outcome for us was met as it has shaped the way we think about the entire process of shaping the lives of Nigerian teens.

God Bless you real good for the time and space given to us. We will be back to have more conversation with you.

Best Regards,


Amarachi took time to help me edit and fine tune my project proposal. She never stopped asking about how the project was going and encouraging me to keep the fire burning. It meant a lot to me, thank you.