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Not too long ago I was invited by an organization to speak about social impact and how people can leverage social impact to make a difference. After a super interactive and engaging session, someone came up to me smiling and talking about how she had never heard about social impact before

Taken aback for a bit, I kept on smiling while we spoke 😊 and eventually agreed to meet with her much later so we could talk extensively about how she could start a social impact project.

However, when I got home that day I just couldn’t stop thinking about that conversation and one of the things that struck me was that; one thing that significantly holds people back from showing up fully is the ‘everyone is doing it’ syndrome.

GOD gives you an idea, a path to follow that is authentic to you and your core and you neglect/ignore it under the assumption that everyone is doing it.

Here was an elite woman telling me that she had never heard about social impact. I thought to myself, “how is that even possible”?

The truth is that, you can be so involved in the world of your subject area, consuming information, expanding your network and gaining knowledge that you start to think the world revolves around that subject matter and everyone probably knows it the way you do.

But, No they don’t, there are billions of people who have never heard about that gift, that talent, that issue you’re so passionate about and desperately need you to show up for them.

They need the solution you offer, they are losing sleep because of it, they are losing money and resources trying to find the answer you carry so effortlessly.

How about you show up and show up authentically? True, 2 million people might be doing the same but they can never do it like you would…Show up and spice it up with your individuality… The world needs more people who have come alive and are in tune with their unique individuality and authenticity and are not afraid to show it in everything they do.

Show up Hun, the world is waiting!


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