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Passionate Individual or Passionate Changemaker?😌

Hidden in the word Changemaker is the ability to make, to do, to create and to bring into existence a desired state. The only time change is required is when there is a disparity between what is obtainable and what is desired.

PASSIONATE INDIVIDUALS see this disparity and feel bad while PASSIONATE CHANGEMAKERS see the disparity and go beyond just seeing it, to taking specific steps towards effecting change. This simple action qualifies them as changemakers.

Changemakers are the reason one more child will get a chance to go to school and one more woman will access the healthcare she needs. They are the reason one girl gets the pad she needs for a healthy hygiene and more people will be economically empowered. Changemakers don’t just see the problem, they envision a solution and more importantly ACT on it ..

These set of people don’t necessarily have all the money in the world, they are not the most fearless, neither are they JESUS CHRIST…

They are individuals just like you who are willing DARE to make a difference… One person at a time, with what they have, in the world around them💥 They lead very fulfilling lives knowing that someone smiled because they showed up💥

Tell me, Are you a Passionate Individual or Passionate Changemaker?🌟

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